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Subaru Forester : Continues To Be the Top-Pick Crossover

Subaru Forester has won over motorists who love crossovers.

Cross over utility (CUV) vehicles are preferred choices with many because it is built on a car platform and combines the features of a sport utility vehicle. Moreover, this segment is already proving to be one of the fastest growing in the automotive industry with many people, owning CUVs as the family hauler of choice.

With plenty of CUV brands in the market, the all-wheel-drive Forester has created a niche for itself in this segment for its high ground clearance and generous cargo space.

In any case, Subaru’s latest models have been logging the highest ratings for quality and safety.

This may come as a surprise to car owners because Subaru constitutes only a small slice of the U.S. auto sales and this probably applies to Canada as well.

Subaru Forester lovers will be happy to hear that independent arbiters have penned higher marks to Subaru, above BMW and Mercedes Benz in performance, comfort, utility, and reliability.

The best news is the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has made Subaru a “Top Safety Pick” across all models, something which no other manufacturer can claim. “Top Safety Pick” is a coveted designation for automakers and a good marker for crash-worthiness and all-inclusive safety for car buyers.

The New Forester

Subaru has always been well known to make the right size vehicles for the market. With the SUV landscape changing as traditional SUVs are getting replaced by crossovers, people‘s enthusiasm for Subaru Forester is now several notches up.

The new redesigned 2014 Subaru Forester has claims to better efficiency, additional power, and enhanced cargo volume.
At 21.9 mpg, the fuel economy is not bad either.

It is not surprising if auto experts rate the Forester as having the right attributes for people wanting the SUV advantage as well as the thrill of car driving experience.

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05 Aug 2020 - 11:51 pm

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