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Used Subaru Foresters – A Great Choice in Used Cars

Used Subaru Foresters are a great bargain for their tough build, great mileage and tough as nails body. Pre-owned Subarus are not usually easy to find as the owners rarely part with them. Well-cared for vehicles can last well over 100,000 miles with ease. The basic version has a manual gearbox and zero frills and is capable of excellent performance.

As a well-known respected American car company, the Subaru legacy is apparent in its various models. Their cars are reputed for all weather smooth driving including recreational and competitive driving. Back in 1998, when they launched the Forester, a hybrid sports utility wagon, there was no looking back. It was a sturdy passenger car and sales were proof of how well this model was doing.

Some outstanding features of the Subaru Forester  

The stylish SUV model has the following distinctive features:

•    A shorter wheelbase
•    A taller body making for better visibility
•    Better ride and drive
•    Larger and more spacious
•    Stronger engine output from its four cylinder engine
•    2000 pound towing capacity
•    Suitable for rural areas and off road driving

And last, but not least, it is more affordable compared to its peers with a strong resale value. It is a stable yet fast car. It is best recognized for its great performance, unique cabin, comfortable seats and large moon roof and SUV-type styling. After the Subaru Forester was introduced in 1998, over the years several improvements have been introduced to make it one of the toughest cars today with its impressive crash test scores and control.

The 2014 edition continues the Subaru legacy with its great fuel economy, turbocharged engine and off road capabilities.

Should you buy a used Subaru Forester or a new one?

If you are constrained by a budget, by all means go in for the used one. To look at a range of pre-owned Subarus visit
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