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                 Subaru Impreza: A Car that Offers High Performance with Safety

There are great cars, but for Subaru fans, nothing can beat the performance metrics, comfort, and reliability of this car. Combining the best of Japanese technology with great design and stylish interiors, the Subaru Impreza does much to impress, and is one of the popular choices for buyers looking to purchase a Subaru as their first, second, or even fifth car.
Safety and Comfort

The models, Premium, Limited, and Sport Premium, offer varied features including optional ones. The Premium features Subaru Boxer® engine, with dual active control of valves, 5-speed manual transmission, and a dynamics control system that uses sensors to keep track of metrics, such as speed, angle of steering, brake pressure, and so on. The traction control is one of the highlights, as it regulates braking, maintains even traction, and prevents slipping. The suspension is another highlight of Subaru cars. The double wishbone for rear and strut type with L-arm for front, constitute the suspension. Safety for brakes also includes maximum pressure on brakes during emergencies and an override mechanism.


Smooth functioning and aesthetics of exteriors, the multi reflector halogen lights, and the rear spoiler for the five-door version are some of the great features of the car. There are side mirrors as well, and windshield wipers with mist. The Subaru Impreza Premium is also equipped with features, such as storage, locking glove box, hooks for grocery bags in the cargo area, and removable cargo area cover for the five-door car. Air conditioning with filtration for air is another advantage.

The Limited model offers more features, such as Lineartronic® CVT paddle shifter and automatic climate control. An audio system of six-speaker mode and Bluetooth® audio streaming are the other features of this vehicle.

The Sport Premium and Sport Limited feature fog lights, all-Weather windshield wipers, and side rocker moldings.

These are the features that have made the Subaru Impreza a popular car, and other models, such as the Subaru Outback, are also in demand. If you are looking for the best Subaru deals, visit a reputable Subaru dealership and test drive a car before you purchase the vehicle or avail the many other services offered at the dealership.


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